Product-Floor Paint
Solventless Epoxy Self - Leveling Floor Coatings Paint
Solventless Epoxy Self - Leveling Floor Coatings Paint



1 It is made of Solventless Epoxy resins and hardener.

2 Surface smooth, beautiful and surface mirror effect.

3 It is good at acid proof, alkali proof, and salt proof.

4 It has compression-resistant, abrasion resistance and high cleanliness.


Applicability: It could be used in electronic industry, medical manufactures under GMP standard and the schools, offices.


Construction Process:

1 The ground must be clean and dry without oil and water.

2 Paint the wash coating

3 Paint the middle coating

4 Polishing and dust absorption

5 Paint the Epoxy Self – Leveling color coating


tenure of use: 2mm/8years3MM/10years4mm/12years5MM/more than 15 years

Technical standards:

Items Standards

drying time surface drying time ≤


hard drying ≤

Bonding strength Mpa ≥2
Shore Hardness ≥75
Abrasion Resistance(750g/500r, weightlessness,g ) ≤0.02
Compressive Strength,Mpa ≥85
bending strength,Mpa ≥7
Mpa Tensile strength,Mpa ≥9
3% salt water 30days Non abnormal
60% vitriol 30 days allow a slight discoloration
25% Sodium hydroxide 30 days Non abnormal
Anti-petrol 120# resistance

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